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Eloquence redefined

Arcane Arrangements is a luxury wedding planning and floral arrangement company for those who enjoy the darker aesthetics of life. From full-service planning down to custom bouquets for your wedding, we’re here every step of the way to make your big day something you’ll never forget.

We support all religions, creeds, and methodologies as long as no harm is done to others. Our team is also LGBTQ+ and unconventional relationships friendly. We pride ourselves on creating spaces that are not only breathtakingly beautiful but safe for all participants involved.

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Our Offerings

Whether your wedding will be an intimate gathering of your closest friends or a magazine-worthy destination extravaganza, we have something for you.

Floral Arrangements

Florals for your event ranging from table toppers and decor to extravagant bouquets.
Please allow a minimum of two weeks lead time.

Day-of Coordination

Our team will be on-site to manage all day-of needs to ensure your wedding goes smoothly.
Please allow a minimum of one month lead time.


We'll book any necessary vendors and handle the preparation, florals, and day-of coordination for an end-to-end treatment.
Please allow a minimum of two months lead time.
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Our History

The founder of Arcane Arrangements, Charles Berger, has been in the wedding planning and florals industry for over 20 years. Before entering the field professionally, he grew up helping his mother with her floral design business. Since then, his extensive travels coupled with an innate appreciation of the beauty that this world provides has contributed greatly to the cultivation of his unique style.

His work creates a sense of mystery and macabre while retaining a sense of sophistication and high-style. Centering bold, moody colors, unexpected organic and inorganic textures, and dramatic lighting to create a sense of intrigue and mystique for all attendees. He takes great pride in his work and aims to create bespoke designs that perfectly reflect his clients’ personalities and desires while bringing the unforgettable quality that is a signature of his work. 

Charles along with his team of wedding planners, vendors, and day-of-coordinators welcome you during this next step in your journey as a couple. We’re here to ensure your special day is something spoken about with awe and admiration for many years to come.

— Founder, Charles Berger
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